Members of the Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) that are new to politics and those that are truly reformed old politicians, must swear to the twelve (12) pillars of Oath in service to Nigerians, as the reason for participation in politics. Every adult Nigerian MUST also swear to the Oath not to sabotage Nigeria and corruption shall be totally and completely wiped away from Nigeria.

Welcome to
Justice Must Prevail Party

Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) is an uncommon party with a victorious life. The following are some of the traits that should encourage members to soar higher in 2018.

JMPP shall be flying at high altitudes, not with low-flying 'dead' parties from which they would need to stay away.

JMPP's programs of action are built on strong vision focused on the provision of current and future needs of Nigerians. Issues of the wellbeing of Nigerians have already been revealed to the party, and it will remain focused on them until successfully accomplished, no matter what the obstacles may be.

JMPP membership shall enlarge to every nooks and crannies of NIGERIA by enlisting fresh independent individuals and God fearing living members of existing parties.

As politics certainly gathers into stormy clouds in 2018, it shall be exiting for JMPP as the Almighty shall use the storm’s wind to lift the party higher, far above the clouds, when in the meantime, all the other parties hide in the leaves and branches of the trees.

Whether in private life or in business, JMPP shall test the commitment of people intended for partnership* - these steps are necessary to strengthen our great party.

Eagles don’t always have a soft and easy life, nor will JMPP. But just as eagles illustrate, the Almighty is calling us in JMPP to wait on Him and learn to soar higher by His power, above the cares, trials, and trivial pursuits of life through the party's Principle of twelve (12) pillars of Oath.

Come 2019

JMPP will deliver good governance to the people of Nigeria.

Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) is made up of leaders NOT politicians. The game of politicians is over in Nigeria. JMPP leaders lay down their lives with deadly righteous Oath to lead the nation forward, but politicians with secret evil Oath, lay down their stolen money to rob and move the nation backwards. Enough is enough. It's a NEW DAWN for Nigeria. CONGRATULATIONS!


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2, Calabar Street (Opposite Naval Hqs), Area 7, Garki, Abuja