Members of the Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) that are new to politics and those that are truly reformed old politicians, must swear to the twelve (12) pillars of Oath in service to Nigerians, as the reason for participation in politics. Every adult Nigerian MUST also swear to the Oath not to sabotage Nigeria and corruption shall be totally and completely wiped away from Nigeria

By Dr Olusegun Ijagbemi
National Chairman JMPP



JMPP Courtesy visit to Minna

A delegation of Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) led by the National Chairman, Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi, Mother of Nations, Dr. Sarah Jibril, Presidential flag bearer, Apostle Sunday CHUKWU EGUZOLUGO and Vice President, Imam Aliyu SALIHU in Minna today on a courtesy visit to His Excellency, General Ibrahim B. BABANGIDA to prepare him for THANKSGIVING celebration on the glorious future of NIGERIA as divinely revealed to JMPP from 2019 and beyond..

Presidential Flagbearer


NIGERIA SETS ON EAGLES’ WINGS AS APOSTLE SUNDAY C. CHUKWU-EGUZOLUGO EMERGE JMPP PRESIDENTIAL FLAGBEARER ‘Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself. The process of identifying Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) candidates for elective posts is central to the its success in participatory democracy. The critical element is that the party has created a transparent and creditable electoral environment in an Olympic race that will always ensure that visionary and creditable candidates emerge as flagbearers at all elections.

Corrupt free Nigeria

JMPP Is For A New, Corrupt-Free Nigeria

If restructuring Nigeria is done in the way that is intended by politicians it will create disharmony, so we will reconstruct what is currently operational. We are going to increase the powers of the regional governments. Right now we talk about six geopolitical zones with no function given to them as a zone. Whatever we are doing now as a country is based on states, local government and wards. What we are going to do is that we are going to have a minister in-charge of each of the geopolitical zones to coordinate the activities of the zone.

Restructuring Nigeria


Leadership over our great nation NIGERIA has already left the stranglehold of fathers into those of the youths and for the first time ever, from 2019 and beyond, our nation shall be led by an Apostle and an Imam (Apostle Sunday CHUKWU-EGUZOLUGO for President and Alhaji Aliyu Salihu as his running mate, respectively). These are not youths who wish to subvert the state of things, whether civil or religious; or are seditious themselves, and wish to make others so. They are not part of actors springing up here and there who have been speaking much of liberty and against oppression, but deal greatly in broad assertions, and now endeavoring especially to corrupt the minds of youth.

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The Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) holds the believe that the Almighty created Nigeria to be a Big Brother and rallying point for all blacks on earth. For that purpose, He endowed Nigeria with super-abundant resources, which will enable her to develop to a super-power among Nations, thereby raising the respect, prestige and dignity of black persons and ultimately, wiping away the shame of slavery from the faces of all blacks.


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Justice Must Prevail Party Nigeria is a divinely established revolutionary party consisting of Christians and Muslims that fear the Almighty, with answers delivered by the Almighty to all national problems and questions. The Almighty in His mercy showed a vision to a young man, who fears Him from the South East of Nigeria, in the house of his Muslim friend, in Kebbi State the Northern part of the country. The vision came written in gold: “JMPP”, which was further explained as “JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL PARTY” with instruction to include Christians and Muslims. The vision directed that JMPP must raise a godly Government which must ensure justice, fear of God, truth, righteousness, peaceful co-existence, and unity that would restore Nigeria back to the original purpose of God, to be the leader-country in Africa. Nigeria, under JMPP will restore the dignity of all blacks from the pains and shame of corruption, injustice and slavery.

Other instructions include that the party should raise visionary and righteous leaders who must eschew injustice, inequity and irresponsiveness to ensure fear of Almighty God’s discipline, compliance to constitutionalism and enforcement of the rule of law for the promotion of peace, unity and the wellbeing of Nigeria and Nigerians. The party is also to note that corruption separates nations from our Creator.

JMPP shall use the effective family concept as natural human laboratory to teach Nigerians the national values through formal and informal education. The party’s core value is to enthrone democratic and egalitarian society where justice, equity, religious tolerance, peace and unity reign supreme through the instrumentality of effective mentoring, selfless service, altruism, responsiveness, “ethical leadership”, accountability, transparency, dignity of labour, patriotism, industry, nationalism, integrity, hospitality, humility, righteousness, rigor of institutional/systemic compliance to the Oath of Office, the Constitution(s) and the rules of law.

JMPP’s vision is to establish a party that will stimulate and re-nurture a society that has zero tolerance to corruption in order to enthrone accountability, transparency, good governance, social adventures, goodwill and peace for efficient mobilization of human and material resources of the country for the benefits of the citizenry.