Foundation of Evil Governance Since independence till now, Nigerian governments have been without a true God and have not been involving Priests and Imams in selection of leaders and also without a balanced Constitution. Therefore, corruption stands as a national tradition. Consequently, Nigerians have seen corruption as a way of life and not as economic sabotage. The implication is that rituals, bloodsheds, kidnapping and abuse of human rights have been the strength of the political class. It is obvious to the nation that successive governments have failed to do anything about it despite the non-stop cries of the populace. This has been the source and platform for getting into power and enrichment.

JMPP Foundation for Righteous Governance
Since the inception of political endeavours in Nigeria, political parties and political class have engaged Nigerians in social contracts of promises. JMPP is not a Party of promises. JMPP’s social contract with Nigeria and Nigerians is based on covenant. Political promises produce politicians who have no respect for true God but engage in all manner of evils. Political covenants produce leaders, who by Righteous Deadly Oaths, connect themselves to the true God and therefore held themselves out as eternal collaterals for the betterment of Nigeria and Nigerians. This is so because promises can fail but covenant cannot be broken.
By the Covenant of 12 Pillars of Oath of Justice that holds the Peace and destiny of Nigeria, we involve the true God in our government and give room for Priests and Imams to be part of the divine direction in government. This will make the nation to see corruption as sabotage and then establish the fear of God upon the leadership of Nigeria and the people.
Through the Principles of the 12 Pillars of Oath of Justice that stands for Leadership Revolution in Nigeria, JMPP creates the gateway for separating the chaff from the wheat – the politicians from the leaders – because politicians pollute the nation while leaders lead with integrity and uprightness. This shuts down the gate of hell over the leadership and opens up the heavens over them for good.
This also forms the basis for the foundation of the Strong Tower 17 Point Agenda for building and achieving a strong nation. This is what has been lacking and to-date still absent from Nigeria’s national life. It shall remain the foundation on which future leaderships in Nigeria shall be established. JMPP believes this to be the only way through which Nigeria and Nigerians shall attain and retain her glorious destiny. It is also certain that the rest of Africa and indeed the entire world shall benefit therefrom.

We invite you to observe our transparent Olympic type Primary race platform which has eliminated all manners of known and anticipated malpractices prevalent at Political party primaries. For instance, what qualifies any aspirant to any political office to pick up the relevant form is to take the righteous deadly oath that can kill anyone if violated. This oath also covers each delegate who shall vote for the aspirants. While the aspirant swears not to give bribe and gifts to the delegates, the delegates shall swear never to receive bribe and gifts from the aspirants but shall vote according to the quality of the aspirants’ manifestoes which they had earlier scored.
The above noted Oath is connected to the three Ordinances of the Earth, Blood and the Sun explained as follows: the Earth on which the swearer stands barefooted by calling the heavens and the earth to bear witness in agreement, the Blood of the innocent Nigerians that cry for vengeance, and the Sun that smites by day. These explain the deadly nature of the Oath.
It is worthy of note that all present Executives of JMPP have similarly sworn to the 12 Pillars of Oath of Justice that holds the Peace, Destiny and Transformation of Nigeria. Also worthy of note is the fact that each time the oath is taken and consecrated by a Priest or Imam on people, the firmament confirms it with rain showers even in the driest season and this has happened up to seven times.
In view of the assurance we have from the owner of the party, God Almighty, the whole nation NIGERIA has been delivered to JMPP.
Sequel to the above, JMPP shall be able to identify the hidden leadership potentials of Nigerian Youths who due to emphasis on money politics had hitherto been unable to exercise their God- given political prowess since independence.
JMPP now invites every Nigerian both home and abroad to participate in the bloodless revolution that this party targets to achieve by contributing your HUMAN AND FINANCIAL resources to enable us together actualize the enthronement of JMPP government come 2019.
In order to achieve this, JMPP does not wish to go the way others went in order to raise funds from Cabals and Money bag Politicians or Political Sponsors. As the revealed Political Party, to go the way others have shall be an abuse of the Leadership Revolution.

With the above glaring evidences of the divine nature of this party, we encourage every convinced lover of Nigeria’s peace to join us with a minimum financial support of N200.00 or US$10.00. This money can be paid into the following JMPP Bank Accounts:

(i) Zenith Bank (Naira A/c No. 1015557394).
(ii) GTB (Naira A/c No. 0266531334),
(iii) GTB [US$ A/c No. 0266531561],
(iv) GTB [Pounds Sterling A/c No. 0266531774],
(v) GTB [Euro A/c No. 0266531767].

Your minimum support of N200.00 or US$10.00 makes you a bona fide partner of JMPP Leadership Revolution in Nigeria that shall restore the lost hope of Nigerians.