Justice, Equity and Transformation (JET).

The Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) holds the believe that the Almighty created Nigeria to be a Big Brother and rallying point for all blacks on earth. For that purpose, He endowed Nigeria with super-abundant resources, which will enable her to develop to a super-power among Nations, thereby raising the respect, prestige and dignity of black persons and ultimately, wiping away the shame of slavery from the faces of all blacks.

JMPP further believes that Nigeria has deviated from the purpose for which she was founded. She has, through monumental corruption, which have eaten deep into every fabric and facet of her Institutional and Social Structures, failed comprehensively and woefully. In today’s Nigeria there is no justice, no fairness, no equity and our Country is therefore threatened with collapse and disintegration.

JMPP accepts that Nigeria has failed, and has no basis for continued existence, except as a changed Country. Corruption must be exterminated from our land. There must be institutionalized restoration for zero tolerance for corruption and strict compliance to the appropriate Oaths of Office in this Country. To re-make Nigeria is a task that we must accept and do. JMPP logically believes in restructuring of the country to go back to that structure of Nigeria agreed by our heroes past – a structure that shall be truly federal with fiscal federalism; that must answer to the yearnings of the citizens for justice for all in all aspects of governance and development; and, that would ensure the restoration of peaceful coexistence and national unity.